Manchester, science capital city

Dr Daniel Moreno Written by Dr Daniel Moreno
Published on 27 March 2016
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Manchester is well recognised for its production of cutting edge innovations. It is the birthplace of the industrial revolution and the city that split the atom, created the computer and developed graphene, stablishing itself as a place to innovate and do science.

Manchester is well located geographically and its population has access to one some of the world’s most science-friendly infrastructuresm. Manchester has re-emerged, and may as well be in the centre of the next techonological revolution.

This is why the Innovation Forum Manchester was created: it focuses its activities on the most dynamic academic an economic region in the country outside the Golden Triangle. We work to promote inter-generational knowledge and leadership exchange in the North West.

Manchester is currently home to some of the biggest universities in the UK. The Oxford Corridor is a unique business location, at the heart of Manchester’s knowledge economy, covering some 243 hectares with a 55,000 strong workforce. It is home to two of the UK’s leading universities The University of Manchester, and Manchester Metropolitan University, and The Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – making the Corridor not only the largest academic campus in the UK but also the largest clinical academic campus in Europe.

With the support of our Partners and Sponsors the Innovation Forum Manchester will:

  • Facilitate the interaction of local talents with academic and industry senior leaders, promoting inter-generational knowledge exchange.

  • Support the implementation of novel and innovative ways into the current academic system, empowering the use of alternative communication strategies towards the knowledgeable community.

  • Promote the region’s potential and possibilities for the creation of innovative and disruptive technologies, attracting investment and allowing Greater Manchester to show how much it can offer.

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