How to apply to IMAGINE IF! Global competition and pre-accelerator program Webinar

Wednesday, July 29th 2020

17:00 – 18:30 (GMT+1h)

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Innovation Forum presents IMAGINE IF!, the global competition for early stage science start-up ventures. Take your STEM idea to commercial reality.

Do you have a great scientific idea and want to bring it to commercial reality? Do you want to benefit from expert mentoring, professional training and support, international networking opportunities, exposure to investors and more...? 

Then find out how IMAGINE IF! can benefit you. We are open to applications from around the globe and as well as local competitions around our local hubs. We are looking for great ideas that can transform human health and the environment which may include digital health, cleantech, medical devices, new medicines etc.

Register to our FREE webinar 'How to apply to IMAGINE IF! Global competition and pre-accelerator program' Wednesday 29th July at 17.00 (GMT). 

During the webinar, mentors and past cohort members will share tips on the application process and what makes a great application. 

Find more details on how to apply to IMAGINE IF! here:

Selected speakers:

  • David Richmond, Inventya Innovation Advisor and IMAGINE IF! Mentor
  • Sohaib Mir, ALSA Ventures Investment Director and IMAGINE IF! Judge
  • Ivan Rodriguez Jaubert , ATCAE Founder and IMAGINE IF! Manchester Winner 2019




Welcome and Introduction by IF Cambridge president


David Richmond will talk about his role as a mentor and his personal approach


Sohaib Mir will talk about what makes a good application.


Ivan Rodriguez Jaubert will talk about his experience as an applicant, going from local to global finals.


Q&A session where participants can ask questions, curiosity and suggestions to the speakers


President of Innovation Forum Cambridge Branch

Inventya Innovation Advisor and IMAGINE IF! Mentor, David Richmond has an extensive knowledge and experience of innovation, in particular building and managing innovation capabilities in large organizations including project delivery, training, culture development, innovation process design and communications.

ALSA Ventures Investment Director and IMAGINE IF! Judge, Sohaib Mir is a medical doctor with investment banking experience. He is also the Director of Montis Biosciences, which develops novel immune-oncology therapeutics targeting the intersection between vascular dysfunction and immune suppression to treat solid tumours.

ATCAE Founder and IMAGINE IF! Manchester Winner 2019, Ivan is also the founder of Dupla Helica, a startup that provides mobile bio-labs on-demand with just one click. Dupla Helica is fully committed to empowering the people behind the next industrial revolution of synthetic biology.

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