IMAGINE IF! Coordinator

PhD Researcher

James is a PhD Materials Chemistry student researching new materials that can be used in semiconductor nanofabrication. After completing an innovation and commercialisation course at the University of Manchester in 2021, he became fascinated by innovation in the science industry and how this links with business and business development.

Previously he obtained a BSc(Hons) degree in Chemistry from Bangor University with his dissertation focussing on nanotechnology in biosensor production. The additional short-term placement at a pharmacy over the course of one summer showed him how chemistry and biology are used in cohesion in the medicinal sector.

The Innovation Forum allows James to enhance his knowledge in innovation in science, as well as learn more about areas of science he is not directly researching. There are also the opportunities to work with like-minded people, network with different people, as well as expand on his interest in Intellectual Property.

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