Liutauras Mazonas

Marketing Director

Marketing and IT Strategy, BSc IT Management for Business

My name is Liutauras Mazonas (Leo) and I am a student at The University of Manchester. After finishing my high school back in Lithuania I came to the UK to study IT Management for Business. as I thought that the combination of my passion and many different fields is the best bet for the future.

I was always keen on facing challenges and dealing with difficult situations. I prefer to learn as much as I can and later use obtained knowledge to create something that would benefit everyone. I was always quite professionally active, even in middle school, as a child I managed my own newspaper and was a part of our school’s student council. During the time in high school, I have created my own student-led start-up which focused on providing leisure services to create the right environment for young children.

In the UK, I have already met many new people and joined different societies to continue my work towards improving myself and making our environment better. At the University, I already held a position of Marketing Secretary at ITMBS and as a Peer Mentor for new students. I am an ALUMNI of JA Europe and currently, I am working as a Solution Architect at Fidelity International. Being involved with Innovation Forum is a huge honour for me because here I can become part of something more, something that truly makes a difference!

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