Parsa Pirhady

Logistical Help

Parsa is from the beautiful country of Iran. His academic journey commenced when awarded the University of Sheffield’s Middle East Merit scholarship, completing his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences. There, his fascination with cancer research and its translational applications led him to abandon initial plans of attending medical school.
Building on undergraduate studies, Parsa pursued an MSc(Res) in Translational Oncology. This journey took an exciting turn as he joined the lab of Professor Thomas Helleday, a global leader in translational cancer research and a key figure behind the development of PARP inhibitors—a drug boasting an impressive global market size of 8 billion dollars.
Parsa's passion in cancer research centres around the DNA damage response (DDR), a cellular system crucial for preventing mutations and maintaining genomic stability to ward off cancer. Eager to delve deeper, he joined Professor Rob Bristow's ground-breaking lab, focusing on the interplay between DDR and hereditary prostate cancer.
Throughout his scientific career, Parsa has been fortunate to be part of pioneering laboratories, witnessing first-hand the transformative power of novel technologies. This experience fuelled a desire to bridge the gap between academia and business, fostering the realization of innovative ideas in the real world. Being part of the Innovation Forum aligns perfectly with my goal of helping to turn eccentric ideas into a reality, and consequently contributing to the betterment of countless lives.
Beyond the laboratory, Parsa co-founded The House of Art and Culture, a CIC company with a mission to provide a platform for alternative music and art from Western Asia in the UK.

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