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Anastassia Bolotkova


Cell Therapy Professional

Originally coming from Estonia, I moved to the UK to pursue a degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Manchester. Throughout the studies, I have completed several summer internships in Estonia, UK and Germany, where I was involved in the cancer research. My strong interest in science and particularly oncology allowed me to win a scholarship and to complete Masters in Translational Medicine at the same university.

I have always wanted to work within the pharmaceutical sector and thus, after completing the degrees, I moved into the industry by being a Pharma Analyst at Global Business Intelligence and Safety Screening Scientist at AstraZeneca.

Currently, I work for a company specialising in the personalised medicine and particularly, the production of cancer immunotherapy for melanoma patients. This is the most challenging and exciting role I have ever had as nothing is more rewarding than the ability to help people to extend their lives and to beat cancer sooner.

I immensely enjoy writing and therefore, voluntarily produce scientific articles for FastBleep and the news for BioNews. I also like meeting and communicating with people and thus, feel that the role of a Business developer at Innovation Forum could not only help the company to grow and become more global, but also allow me to do something I am passionate about.

I enjoy having an active lifestyle and in my free time, I usually hike in the highlands, cycle and travel.