‘Pitch in a Pub’ Gains Popularity in Manchester

Published on 20 March 2018
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On 15th March 2018, the Innovation Forum Manchester held a second edition of “Pitch in a Pub”. More than 35 young innovators gathered in the cosy pub Turing Tap, to listen, learn and discuss the innovative ideas of young entrepreneurs.

In this edition, our special guests were: Siddharth Sethi, Specscart and Sonia Houghton,  Cryosphere Services Ltd.

Siddharth explained to the audience the aim of his new-age startup: selling  trendy eye-wear at revolutionary prices. Specscart’s mission is to change how we look at eye-wear; from being just an instrument of sight correction to a fashionable accessory. This Interesting talk was followed by provocative questions.  The audience wondered who would be the end-user of this trendy accessory and what his vision was on expanding the market.

Siddharth presenting his idea to the audience

Our second presenter was Sonia Houghton from Cryosphere Services Ltd. Although Sonia is still employed as a Global Cell Bank Lead at AstraZeneca, she decided to try being an entrepreneur herself.

The mission of Cryosphere Services Ltd is to provide secure biological sample storage from room temperature down to vapour phase liquid nitrogen. The enterprise is officially only one week old; however, Sonia already has long-term plans and a clear vision of expanding her services beyond Manchester and the UK.

Sonia shares the idea behind her new business Cryosphere Services Ltd

The event was followed by a hot discussion between young and experienced entrepreneurs, academics, students and professionals about the future of science and innovation, how to set up a business, and how to commercialise products. There was interesting networking about marrying science and business and all of this, in a relaxed atmosphere!

The Innovation Forum Manchester would like to thank: our speakers for sharing their innovative talks and ideas; our guests who created a friendly atmosphere; and all the sponsors and partners of Innovation Forum Manchester.

The Innovation Forum is a global organisation, which builds bridges between academia, private companies and investors, thereby driving innovation forward. We do so by organising events, networking sessions and through out IMAGINE IF! program, an accelerator  for science ventures.

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