Health sciences are key to innovative technologies in the Northern Powerhouse

Dr Daniel Moreno Written by Dr Daniel Moreno
Published on 27 March 2016
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The Northern Health Science Alliance (NHSA) is a partnership between the N8 medical universities, research intensive NHS Hospital Trusts and Academic Health Science Networks, which aims to create an internationally recognised life science and healthcare ecosystem in the North through collaboration. Dr Hakim Yadi, CEO in the NHSA, will be a Keynote speaker in the event Empowering Innovation in the Northern Powerhouse and will discuss the many strengths (and weaknesses) of Manchester in this field.

Dr Hakim Yadi joined the Northern Health Science Alliance (NHSA) in 2013 from PA Consulting Group where he focused on the integration of academia, clinical and business functions in the translational medicine field.

At PA Consulting Hakim completed a secondment with UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) helping to establish a new private-public sector model as Chief Operating Officer for the Life Science Investment Organisation (LSIO) and delivering it across a global network of UK Government staff. He maintains links with the UKTI LSIO team and continues to advise LSIO management.

Hakim was a Principal Consultant within the Technology Practice at PA where he helped establish and manage PA’s Translational Medicine team to work across academic, clinical and industry spheres with a focus on the identification, commercialisation and implementation of novel biomedical innovations. Hakim also worked at specialist translational medicine consultancy, 4D-Biomedical, now a think tank. He obsatined his PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Cambridge and is the author of several peer reviewed publications.

In 2011 Hakim helped start the not-for-profit, Global Heart Network where he is a Director and Vice President.

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