Kristian Gurashi

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PhD Student

I am a 4 th year University of Manchester (UoM) PhD student, based at Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Manchester Centre. Here I work on projects investigating the disease genetics and epigenetics of a rare myeloid leukaemia named Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukaemia (CMML). My primary objective involves identifying the molecular signatures supporting the
survival and resistance of leukaemic cells with the use of cutting-edge and data-driven technologies. By doing so, I hope to identify novel therapeutic targets with a translational prospect. My work has so far involved collaborations from different institutions, at a local and national level, including UoM, CRUK, The Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and
the Trust Centre for Haemato-Oncology, Barts Cancer Institute (London).
Growing up, I took an interest in understanding diseases and medical conditions. Wishing to provide my own contribution in the field, I obtained a BSc in Biological Sciences at the University of Perugia. In 2016 I moved in London, where I enrolled and completed a MRes in Biomedical & Molecular Sciences Research at King’s College London. Finally, in 2019, I started my PhD adventure in the Epigenetic of Haematopoiesis lab here in Manchester. The experience has so far been valuable and precious, and the thought that my work may contribute to saving someone life, makes me particularly proud of the work I do.  However, throughout my academic career I understood that, while basic science can have an important translational potential, the implantation of academic research in the real-world can be challenging. Wishing to further understand how to drive acceleration of
research into practical innovations, and establish an effective translational bridge, I decided to join Innovation Forum. By doing so, I hope to explore and further understand the role of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in driving health-care innovations.

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