Ruben Ahumada Lazo

Vice President

Early career researcher with a broad academic background ranging from a Degree in Chemical Engineering, to a Master in Science with a major in Environmental Engineering and a PhD in Physics at the University of Manchester. Proven experience as research assisociate and consultant, collaborating with international and multidisciplinary teams. My research focuses on materials science and nanotechnology for applications in renewable energy (solar), biosensing and optoelectronic devices. Specifically, studying the surface chemistry and charge transfer dynamics of semiconductor films and novel nanoparticles known as colloidal quantum dots for photovoltaic, photocatalytic and light emitting applications.
Highly interested in start-ups and entrepreneurship based on science, technology and sustainable development for a cleaner, greener and brighter future. Exploring the fields of marketing, business development, leadership, event organization, networking and education through different volunteering and casually paid roles, for example as chair of the Student Committee of the Latin American Postgraduate Programme and PhD Science Demonstrator at Manchester museum.

Innovation driven, looking to expand the network through mentorship, inspiring ideas and collaborations to tackle the ever growing environmental challenges ahead.

Other team Members

Kristian Gurashi

Team member

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Alice Guan

Events Associate

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Parsa Pirhady

Logistical Help

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Anastassia Bolotkova

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Business Development Associate

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