Pitch in a Pub Manchester returns

Naseer Basma Written by Naseer Basma
Published on 12 October 2021
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Pitch in a Pub is an exciting series of events held by The Innovation Forum Manchester. The event is designed to bring together entrepreneurs, academics, professionals, researchers, and students to network and discuss all things life sciences, technology, and entrepreneurship. Our notable guest speakers present their business pitches and passion for innovation, followed by discussions and conversations with the audience in a relaxed environment.

This event is a perfect opportunity to hear from and engage with experienced entrepreneurs who have developed the know-how and built up the resilience needed to start a business in the life-sciences sector within the North West region. Gain insights into the stories that inspired these innovators and get invaluable tips on how you can follow their footsteps and start your own!

We are proud to say that the Pitch in a Pub event series has been a recurring success in building connections in the local start-up ecosystem and in facilitating engaging discussion between attending parties. We are therefore excited to announce that the latest edition of Pitch in a Pub will be held on the 28th of October at 6pm in KroBar, Manchester, Where we will be joined by speakers from local start-ups including AEH Innovative Hydrogel and Simplex Molecular. We look forward to welcoming you there!


The Innovation Forum is a global network of students, professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurs, seeking to drive innovative healthcare technology development by enabling connections between members of the community. Don’t miss out on our future events.

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