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A different approach to bio-industry in the north: the Bionow formula

Dr Daniel Moreno Written by Dr Daniel Moreno
Published on 27 March 2016
2 min. read

Bionow supports business growth, competitiveness and innovation within the biomedical and life science sectors across Northern England. As a community of biomedical companies there is long term strategic advantage in working together:

  • Driving collaboration to make public research infrastructure more accessible to business
  • Promoting the North of England biomedical sector as a preferred location in which to locate, establish and grow biomedical businesses
  • Creating an environment which de-risks the investment required to deliver world-leading commercial and clinical gains

Dr Geoff Davison is the Chief Executive of Bionow having founded the business in 2011 to further represent the interests of the Northern biomedical cluster and enable Bionow members to be the most productive and competitive in the world. Having led the business through establishment and overseeing year on year growth he has overall responsibility for all aspects of Bionow. A key priority is our strategic aim to be the leading biomedical membership organisation in terms of reputation, service and impact. Dr Davison is regularly invited to advise and comment on industry requirements and represent the Bionow membership both regionally and nationally, and on this occassion, he will be panellist in Empowering Innovation in the Northern Powerhouse – beyond graphene.

Dr Davison is also a Board Member of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences and joined Bionow in 2007 when part of NWDA, where the team oversaw investments of over £100m into the sector.

Prior to this, Dr Davison was founder and Technical Director of Biorite Ltd and Advanced Biomedical Ltd both spin-out companies from the University of Manchester. Dr Davison has a degree in Biochemistry and a PhD from the School of Pharmacy, University of Manchester where he began his career undertaking postdoctoral research.

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