Naseer Basma


PhD Cancer Researcher, Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Manchester Institute

I am a PhD Cancer Researcher at the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Manchester Institute working on multiple projects to better understand the genetic and epigenetic events that drive various leukaemia types. My primary project investigating a leukaemia called myelofibrosis represents the convergence of the interests of various collaborators including Imago Biosciences Ltd, a clinical-stage therapeutics company who are funding the project, senior haematologists within the Christie Hospital and scientists in
the CRUK institute.

I have previously obtained a BSc(Hons) in Pharmacology from the University of Manchester and an MRes in Biomedical Sciences and Translational Medicine from the University of Liverpool. Through these degrees and my current work, I have learned about the significance of the various intersections between academia, industry and the clinic in delivering more effective cancer therapies and ultimately improving patient care.

With that said, I am fascinated by the application of scientific discovery in the innovation space. This drove me to seek a position within the Innovation Forum, where I have strengthened my understanding of
innovation and entrepreneurship, and have become familiarized with currently adopted strategies to accelerate the speed of technology adoption in the healthcare sector. I have also developed various
connections and relationships with like-minded individuals within the scientific community, innovators within the life sciences space, and senior industry leaders.

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